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Hats Worn By A General Contractor

General contractors are completely different from the specialized ones. By default, a general contractor looks into all onsite aspects of a building. A skilled and reliable general contractor knows about everyone’s tasks in the construction venue. He will be able to supervise ongoing work and produce a clean estimate of both time and cost. Also, he will know must more than painting and plumbing. In order to accomplish a clean project, a general contractor should fill in many roles. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through six different hats worn by a general contractor.

Hat #1 – Therapist

Building, refinishing and remodeling are stressful jobs. Design issues, unexpected delays and annoying dust – whenever a customer needs to complain, it is the general contractor who listens. They may not be prepared to hear about their mother-in-law’s story, but they will certainly hear from you.

Hat #2 – Mediator

Do you know that renovation projects involve many parties like subcontractors, neighbors, homeowners, architects and inspectors? A good general contractor would listen to everyone and can prevent anyone from blowing out. Disputes are bound to happen during construction projects. And, it is a contractor who tries to come up with a quick resolution.

Hat #3 – Counsellor

Sometimes your general contractor may ask for your better half to be present while you make decisions. Don’t be insulted when your spouse is asked! Contractors understand that home-based projects are expensive and close-to-the-heart. That is why both the partners must be involved. A good contractor wouldn’t take anyone sides or be biased. Instead, he would serve as a captain who guides the ship securely to the destination.

Hat #4 – Advisor

Experienced general contractors would have dealt with several insurance agents, banks and loan consultants. You can always rely on their expertise and find out how to handle financial matters the right way. They will give you advice on how and when you must make financial decisions.

Hat #5 – Secretary

Most contractors dream of going to bed with no changes to their design or budget; however, this is not how refinishing and building projects work. There will plenty of phone calls, conversations, notes, emails and texts almost every day. Good contractors tend to keep track of these conversations, along with the spec sheets, plans and records of payments.

Hat #6 – Translator

Last but certainly not least, he will connect you to the architects, cabinet makers, masons, carpenters, electricians and plumbers! General contractors know the look on your face when you are lost and require a comprehensive explanation.

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